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Toluene Sep 20th 2017 05:20 AM

Recycling used engine oil using adsorbent(agricultural waste)
My final year project work is based on purifying a certain quantity of used engine oil using adsorbent( agricultural waste).. It has been a rough journey for me.,the material have been working with for over a year now ain't helpful enough.. I'm yet to get the desired result... I only have 2months to round up

Help pls

oz93666 Sep 20th 2017 07:56 PM

First question ... what is the recycled oil to be used for ???

It is possible to process it , and put it back in the engine , water needs to be removed , and metal particles (magnet) ... this could be a big business.. new engine oil is expensive.

what absorbent agricultural waste are you using? this doesn't sound like a good idea , you'll have a lot of oily waste to dispose of ...

Plenty of information on the web ...

Toluene Sep 20th 2017 10:42 PM

The recycled engine oil is not meant to be put back in a car engine, the 'purpose' of the research is just to test how effective the adsorbent(agricultural waste) are in removing the contaminants like metals,Sulphur e.t.c, which I have found to be in much quantity in a 'Dirty' oil

The work nw is to filter with the adsorbent and after the whole process then test with a new engine oil(same grade, brand) to compare if the adsorbents used have actually aided in removing the contaminants.

The agricultural waste(adsorbent,) available in my lab now are: waste Egg shell(with membrane and without membrane) In powdered form, Snail shell In thepowdered form too,periwinkle shell, coconut shell(powdered).. I sourced for this waste materials after I made some research about them having good ADSORPTION properties

oz93666 Sep 21st 2017 02:21 AM

It sounds like you are doing new research which has not been tried before , so no one can give you advice ....

But suppose eggshells did remove contaminates ?? then you have contaminated eggshells to dispose of .... just as much trouble as contaminated oil !!

And what will be done with the oil ??? burning it will not justify the trouble of cleaning it.

Toluene Sep 21st 2017 02:51 AM

It's a new research.. The oil ll be disposed off.. The purpose is just to check if truly the eggshells can remove the contaminants..

the issue now is the procedure.. I have tried using the filtration method.. But due to the viscous nature of oil it won't give me the desired result

I just need materials I can work with.. Something similar to give me clues on how to go about it

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