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Spool Sep 4th 2017 02:23 PM

Lab Safety Questions
Hi Everyone.

My name is Thomas and I am in my first ever chemistry class at my city college. Happy to be a part of the forum; I find forums to be very useful.

A bit of an embarrassing question(s) that was not covered in class but presented on a Lab Safety quiz. I came here because I was unable to find the answers through my internet searches.
Would anyone be able to help me with these true or false questions?

1. When pouring a liquid into a graduated cylinder in the hood, the safest place for the graduated cylinder is on the front edge. True or False?
(I'm not sure what the front edge means)

2. Weighing paper full of excess chemicals should be left by the balances.
True or False?
(I understand this has something to do with taring a scale, but not exactly sure of the question)

3. A reagent bottle must never be taken to your workbench. True or False?
(Is it normal procedure to fill your beakers at a filling station in most labs?)

4. It is not necessary to stir when two liquids are being mixed to form a solution. True or False?
(I understand that stirring expedites the process but are there other variables to consider?)

Thank you for any help.

oz93666 Sep 4th 2017 06:23 PM

Hi Spool ....welcome to the forum (such as it is ) ....

As usual the problem lies in the quiz itself , the questions are not precise , open to interpretation ....

1... "in the hood " ??? is that fume cupboard??? I would go with false ... probably not good to put anything 'on the front edge' ...

2.... "Weighing paper full of excess chemicals" ... excess to what ??? ... nothing should be "left by the balances" clutter leads to accidents , so false.

3 ...reagent is defined as " a substance or mixture for use in chemical analysis or other reactions." ... I would say false ...but who knows ???

4 ...the word "necessary" means always must be done ... so no, it's not always necessary to stir, so the answer should be true ...

You may have noticed the education system has been designed to confuse and impede understanding .... the controllers wan't a dumb and ignorant population , since they're easier to control (see Alex Jones)

Anyway , hang on in there ...good luck ...oz

Spool Sep 4th 2017 06:26 PM

Your response is gold.
You should have seen some of the other questions...

Thanks for the help and the laugh.
All the best.

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