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morganflynt34 Dec 6th 2017 06:33 AM

heat distribution
A colleague and I are lab partners and we have been working on this problem with no avail. The problem goes as follows:
"While receiving a hot stone massage, an 82.93 g granite stone at a temperature of 84.5 degrees Celsius is placed in you hand, after 20 minutes the stone has cooled to your body temperature of 37.0 degrees Celsius. How much heat did your body absorb from the stone? Cs of granite= 0.198 cal/g degrees Celsius (show all calculations).
We have been discussing the different executions of this problem and cant seem to figure out how to solve it. we have discussed the idea of absorbing the heat by hand, but don't understand how body temperature would A.not change, and B. the temperature would remain at the lower temperature of 37 degrees. Are we over analyzing this?

oz93666 Dec 6th 2017 10:54 PM

Yes, I think you maybe over analyzing , the mass of the stone is about 1,000 times less the mass of a body , so it will not noticeably change the body temp, if it did more sweat would be produced to bring the body temperature down...

82.93 x 0.198 = 16.2 ... every degree C drop in temp liberates 16,2 Cal.

The stone went from 84.5 to 37 = 47.5 degrees x 16.2 = 769.5

The body absorbed 769.5 calories of heat

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