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Drounsav May 18th 2017 11:04 AM

Sulfuric Acid + water
Iv'e been doing some research for a personal project and iv'e hit a roadblock.
what i would like to know is; what is the chemical composition of a mixture of sulfuric acid and water?

after doing some research iv'e gotten two different answers.
One is that simply a dilution of sulfuric acid will be made.
The other is that adding water to acid will force an ionization where H2O will steal the hydrogen from the H2(SO4) making H3O+ and H(SO4)-. The H(SO4)- will react with more H2O to create another H3O+ and (SO4)(2-)


H2(SO4)(L) + 2(H2O)(L) --> 2(H3O+)(L) + SO4(2-)(S)

If this reaction is correct then, there should be a precipitate of Sulfate, though when watching videos of this mixture i see no solids formed. Where am i getting this wrong?

oz93666 May 22nd 2017 02:40 AM

There will not be a precipitation of sulphate because sulphate alone cannot precipitate ... only sodium sulphate or potassium sulphate etc can precipitate , and since there is only sulphate ions and no metals present , this cannot happen.

So both your sources are correct ... you just have diluted sulphuric acid , but on an ionic level the ions are there ...

Same with pure water ... chemically it's just water , but also OH and H ions are there .

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