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So.... vinegar is french VIN NEGRA literally "wine black ".. it's wine that has gone bad or 'black' because bacteria have got in and turned the alcohol to acetic acid .

It's the strength of the acetic acid that determines how vigorous the reaction will be , normal vinegar is 4% acidity and not more than 7% , you can buy 'super vinegar ' also called 'double strength vinegar' 10% acidity , which should make the reaction occur twice as fast as 5% ...pickling vinegar is 18% ..even better ...

So first check your vinegar , the bottle should say the %

You can also try lemon juice instead of vinegar ,but I don't think it will be as good..

Sulfuric acid used in lead acid batteries is also readily available , and should be more reactive , be careful with this , and of course don't eat the products

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