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how fast will chlorine and flouride dissapate

Hello. This is my first question. However, am not a student. But I figured you folks would be able to answer my question. I would assume fairly easily.

I am starting an urban farm in the city. The city adds both Chlorine and Fluoride into the water. Chlorine is used to keep the water fresh to its destination. Fluoride is used to help reduce cavities. Neither of these are good to put on crops.

A Russian friend once told me that it would take 15-20 minutes for the Chlorine in my tap water to gas off in my glass of water. We have long since parted ways.

I wish to use the city water hydrant to water my crops. If a sprayer device, as shown in the following url, was in operation, could I expect any reduction in Chlorine before it hit my plants?
If you confine your mouse movements to the scroll bar on the right, you'll be able to see the photos without interference.

I have no such wisdom about Fluoride. Could you please address Fluoride in the same situation?

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