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Wellcome .... Yes your friend is correct ... chlorine is a gas ... , and will rapidly dissipate into the air , the more surface area the water has, the quicker this will happen ... spraying the water will also get the chlorine out of the water into the air , how effectively is hard to say.

Fluoride however is a compound of fluorine (a gas) and another element (sodium fluoride , potassium fluoride etc) like salt it dissolves in water and will never gas off ...

It was put in water and toothpaste to dumb the public down and destroy their health ... it is of no benefit to the teeth , that is all a lie.

Many people are now aware of this and fluoride filters can be obtained , quiet expensive , normal water filters do not remove it.

I would advise you not to drink this water, get a filter that removes it for your own drinking water .... as for your garden you will need a lot of water for this , too much for a domestic filter ...can you collect rainwater ? or get access to a stream or river??

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