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Angry Sticky Situation (Why doesn't sugar recrystallize ?)

Hello everyone My Name is Zack, I am new to chemistry but I will be starting a chemistry course in a couple of months. I have some basic books and I am doing some simple experiments.

I am now on to crystallization and dissolving large amounts of a solid and then trying to get it to precipitate out of the solution - I am told that this is a very important skill for chemists to have.

I decided to use white sugar as my solid. I started with sugar and hot water, I poured over half a litre of water into a large glass jar and then added around 250 grams of white granulated sugar. I stirred and stirred and stirred until all of the sugar dissolved in the water, I then waited several hours for the solution to cool down hoping to see a big chunk of sugar crystals and prove the precipitation theory, but nothing happened - the sugar stayed in the water and never returned to a solid state!

Can anyone explain why it did not work ?

Also can you recommend a solid that would work ?

Thank You so much for your kind help.

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