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Originally Posted by Kithy4555 View Post
For instance, rather than discussing the gold conveyed by the three Wise Men, Pastor Adam just discusses a portion of alternate metals close gold on the Table of Elements. Clearly, none of these metals are said in the Bible. Also, he refers to 2 Kings 19:30 to bolster the consideration of licorice: "Yet again a remainder of the kingdom of Judah will flourish beneath and prove to be fruitful above." Unmistakably, "root" is HL 12 being utilized as a part of an alternate setting in this verse. Also, regardless of the possibility that they were referencing the strict base of a plant (which for all intents and purposes each plant in presence has), it may be a quite huge jump to associate this verse particularly to licorice. One more case before proceeding onward: For Biotin, Adam references Genesis 43:11: "Take a portion of the best products of the land in your vessels and convey down a present for the man a little salve and somewhat nectar, flavors and myrrh, pistachio nuts and almonds."
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What is the name of the molecule CH2O?
Answer: Seawater
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