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III. Periodic table
The groups are the vertical columns found in the periodic table. They are the most important classification of the periodic table: properties of elements in a same group usually share similarities.

* Group 1 (IA,IA): the alkali metals or lithium family
* Group 2 (IIA,IIA): the alkaline earth metals or beryllium family
* Group 3 (IIIA,IIIB): the scandium family
* Group 4 (IVA,IVB): the titanium family
* Group 5 (VA,VB): the vanadium family
* Group 6 (VIA,VIB): the chromium family
* Group 7 (VIIA,VIIB): the manganese family
* Group 8 (VIII, VIIIB): the iron family
* Group 9 (VIII, VIIIB): the cobalt family
* Group 10 (VIII, VIIIB): the nickel family
* Group 11 (IB,IB): the coinage metals or copper family
* Group 12 (IIB,IIB): the zinc family
* Group 13 (IIIB,IIIA): the boron family
* Group 14 (IVB,IVA): the carbon family
* Group 15 (VB,VA): the pnictogens or nitrogen family
* Group 16 (VIB,VIA): the chalcogens or oxygen family
* Group 17 (VIIB,VIIA): the halogens or fluorine family
* Group 18 (Group 0): the helium family/neon family; for the first six periods, these are the noble gases

The periods are the horizontal rows of the periodic table. Although they have no specific names, they are also used for classification in the periodic table. Two elements facing each other in the same period have ±1 number of protons. There is a total of seven periods, excluding the Lanthanide series and the Actinide series.


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