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lead acid battery self destruct mechanism

Hi guys,

I use Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries to power some equipment in remote sites.

The main problem is that these batteries are stolen from me regularly. I tried putting a GPS module inside the battery to track them down, but some how I lose signal after a few minutes the battery has been stolen. They are probably taking the module out...

So, I was thinking that if I install some sort of self destroy mechanism inside the battery they will eventually give up and stop stealing them.

In order to self destroy the battery I was thinking to release some amount of sodium inside the battery so that it will react with the electrolite. This is supposed to start fire inside the battery.

the VRLA battery does not have electrolite in liquid format, but it is gel. I just dont know if this or the fact that the battery is sealed will prevent fire from building up.

Any suggestions?

best regards,
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