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Molar solubility

Calculate the molar solubility of Cr(OH)3 in 0.54 M NaOH. Kf for Cr(OH)4- is 8x10^29 please help with this problem!

I've tried many ways and I only have one try left to get it right. my first though was to look up the ksp for Cr(OH)3 which was 6.7x10^31 I then multiplied it by the Kf to get the new K and set up an equation as


I got .33 and it told me it was wrong but then I realized it only asked for 1 sig fig so maybe thats why it didn't accept it. or I'm just doing the whole thing wrong.
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The Kspof Cr(OH) 3) is 6.3 x 10^-31 and correct ref to Cr(OH)4, Set up the SP equation and recalculate
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