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Chemistry Homework Answer

Hi, help me please to solve this. If 200.0 g of copper(ll) sulfate react with an excess of zinc metal, what is the theoretical yield of copper? I am desperate, I am looking for help here and at https://studydaddy.com/chemistry-homework-help but I still need an answer.
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Here's the reaction formula

CuSO4 + Zn == ZnSO4 + Cu we are told ALL the copper sulphate gives up it's copper .

All we need do is find how much copper is in 200 g of copper sulphate ...we need Atomic mass of the elements

copper = 63.55 sulphur = 32.06 oxygen = 16.00 we have four O , so that's 64

63.55+ 32.06 + 64 = 159. 61

From this we see every 159.1g of copper sulphate will yield 63.55 g of copper .

I'll let you finish off.
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