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Post How to calculate final temperature question.

Hi, I am new to this forum. I am not pretty sure about the answer i got so i came to here in order to get help.

Iceman, a member of the Marvel superhero team known as the X-men,enters a friendly duel with the Human Torch (Fantastic Four), and gets hit by a fireball worth 562kJ. Ice man is 145lbs and has a body temp of -20C. If Iceman absorbs all of the energy from the fireball, what is Icemanís final body temperature? Support your answer with calculations.

334 J/g Heat of fusion (Hf) (melting or freezing)
2260 J/g Heat of vaporization (Hv) (evaporating or condensing)
2.10 J/g˚C Heat capacity (c) of solid water
4.18 J/g˚C Heat capacity (c) of liquid water
2.2lbs = 1.0kg

Hint: Iceman is made of water; what phase is water at his current body temperature?

This is what i got;


(562000)/(65.8(4.18))= T2-20

T2=22.043 C*

Am i right or whats wrong with it?
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First we need his mass ....145/2.2 = 65.9K gms

Heat capacity of ice is 2.1 .....

Heat capacity of Iceman = 65.9 x2.1 KJ/C = 138.4 KJ /C

So it takes 138.4KJ to raise icemans temp 1C

The fireball is 562KJ ...divide by 138.4 = 4.06 deg C temp rise
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