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Question Cannot grasp how to find number of moles & mass of a solute

I'm in week 2 of college chemistry and I am completely lost on how to work out one of my chapter problems. It's:

Calculate the number of moles and the mass of the solute in each of the following solutions:
(a) 325 mL of 8.23 10^−5 M KI, a source of iodine in the diet
(b) 75.0 mL of 2.2 10^−5 M H2SO4, a sample of acid rain
(c) 0.2500 L of 0.1135 M K2CrO4, an analytical reagent used in iron assays
(d) 10.5 L of 3.716 M (NH4)2SO4, a liquid fertilizer

I only need help with one (preferably -a-), so I can learn how to do these on my own. It needs to be broken down step by step though, because everything I have come across just gives an answer with no or little explanation (I also could not seem to find it in my book). I don't know if my brain has just burnt out or what...

Thanks for any help you can give me.
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