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cleaning acetone from a substance

hey there,
im new here and im not sure where should i post this, so feel free to relocate this thread if needed, thank.

so - i have a basic question, ill try to make it short.
im asking this for a friend who's alergic to paracetamol and caffeine.
from info i've gathered over the internet it appears that codeine is completely insoluble in acetone, while paracetamol and caffeine (found in some pills like 'rokacet') are.
so instead of doing a simple CWE - that leavs him with some amount of paracetamol, and a rather large ammount of caffeine - he thought to try to do the oposite with acetone -

his plan is to dissolve the powdered pills in acetone, and than filter it through a fine filter (like coffee filter, or a piece of kitchen paper),
than - theoreticly - what went out of the filter should be acetone with all of the paracetamol and caffeine,
and whats cought in the filter should be pure codeine, with traces of acetone.

now - knowing that acetone is very dangerous - you'd want to get rid of it.
simple enough, aint it ?
acetone evaporates pretty quickly in room temp, so -
is it enough just to leave it in a well ventilated place, for a day or so, and get an acetone free substance ?

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