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Hello, I tried this problem 5 times and need help. Thanks

1. The equation for the decomposition of phosphorus oxyflouride gas (POF3) is:
4 POF3 (g) ---> P4(s) + O2(g) + 6 F2 (g)
What volume, at STP, of fluorine gas could be produced by the decomposition of 9.22 x 10⁵ molecules of phosphorus oxyfluoride gas?

2. Calculate the mass of aluminum sulfate produced when 27g of sulfuric acid, H2SO4 ,react with excess aluminum.
2 Al + 3H2SO4 ---> 3H2 + Al2(SO4)3

3.For each of the following: identify the type of reaction; predict the reaction products; determine the solubility for the reactants and products for any double replacement reactions.You do not have to balance these.

d.___________ Al ( ) + O2 ( ) ---->

e.___________ BaCl2 ( ) + K3PO4 ( ) --->

f.___________ Cd ( ) + NaCl ( ) ----->

g.___________ C6H12 ( ) + O2 ( ) --->

h.___________ Sr ( ) + MnO3 ( ) --->

In the blanks goes the type of reaction. Ex: double replacement, single replacement, synthesis, decomposition, combustion reaction. Between the parenthesis goes Aq or S.

Can you explain each Step.
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