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Physical Chemistry help

Ive been given this question and finding it really difficult hopeful someone may be able to help me.

Question: In cosmology, chaotic inflation theory predicts the existance of a series of 'bubble universes', each of which operates a unique set of physical constants. One such bubble universe (not the one in which we live in) allows the existance of the metallic element hibernium, symbol Hb, which has an atomic number of 120. Hibernium has 2 isotopes only; radioactive 244Hb which undergoes first order decay, with a half life of 10 million years, to produce stable 240Hb. Given that one atom of 244Hb decays spontaneously to 240Hb in one minute in a 1g sample of pure hibernium, calculate the natural abundance of 244Hb.

so far ive worked out rate constant and time constant but i dont know if they are even needed for the question.

any help would be greatly appreciated

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