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bomb calorimetry

There's two parts to this question, but I only have a specific question about part b, but I will provide the whole question for context.

The heat of combustion (measured in a bomb calorimeter) of the major fatty acid in palm oil, palmitic acid is -9977 kJ/mol (qv) at 25 degrees Celsius.

a) Calculate the heat released (qv in kJ) for the combustion of 1.00kg of palmitic acid in a bomb calorimeter.

b) Calculate the amount of work done in the combustion of 1.0kg of palmitic acid.

For part b, I thought work should be zero because isn't volume constant in a bomb calorimeter, so work would be zero right? According to W= -PdeltaV? But then in the solutions work was calculated by considering the change in moles of the reaction. So my question is, should I always just look at the change in moles even though volume is technically constant in a bomb calorimeter?

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