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Here's the problem:

Bryan Allen made aviation history by pedaling the Gossamer Albatross from near Folkestone, England to Cap Gris Nez, France, from 4:51 AM to 7:40 AM on June 12, 1979. During this flight, he continually produced about a third of a horsepower (1hp=0.7451997 KJ/s). Consider that the energy available from the hydrolysis of ATP is 31.4 Kj/mole, determine the number of moles of ATP required for this flight. For simplicity, assume that the muscles are 50% efficient in the conversion of chemical energy into mechanical energy. Finally, how many moles of glucose must Mr. Allen have metabolized to produce that much ATP? Total moles of ATP produced from one mole of glucose assume to be 38.

I think I've done it right, here's the steps i took:

1) Find time flown 169min*60sec/min= 10140sec.

2) Find total energy needed 1 hp/3= .2484kJ/sec * 10140sec = 2519 KJ

3) Find moles of ATP needed (2519 KJ)(1 mole ATP/31.4 KJ) = 80.22 mole ATP

4) Convert to glucose (80.22 mole ATP)(1 mole Glucose/38 mole ATP)= 2.111 mole Glucose

5) Multiply by 2 to account for muscle efficiency.

6) Final answer: 4.22 mole Glucose

Could someone check my work? Did I do the problem right and are my significant figures correct?
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It's good, only thing I would like to point out is that the number of moles of ATP is also doubled, since it's still in the form of chemical energy.
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