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Arrhenius Base

There are three sets of major theories by which acids and bases could be explained: Bronsted Lowry theory, Arrhenius theory and Lewis theory. In this article, well see acids and bases based on the Arrhenius theory. Various compounds have similar characteristics which could be categorized into same groups and members of the same groups could be defined by their general behavior and characteristics. Even though its rational to define these chemical compounds in chemical terms; some general characteristics could explain their nature too. For instance, acids would taste sour but bases could taste bitter. Acids turn litmus paper red having a ph under 7 whereas bases turn litmus paper blue being on the ph scale over 7 and so on.

Arrhenius concept: Arrhenius bases and acids:
It was in the late 1800s when the Arrhenius theory, the definitions of acids and bases were introduced by Swedish Scientist Svante Arrhenius originally a physicist and also a chemist in physical science. He identified ions in water when compounds were added to it by observation of electrical conductivity; certain compounds are categorized as acids and bases based on the ions each compound releases after its addition in water.
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