acid or base

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    don't understand what is exchanging with what in this acid/base equilibrium

    NH4+ + H2O (kr) = (kf) NH3 + H3O+; the same reaction can be written as: NH4+ + HO- (kr) = (kf) NH3 + H2O; where (kf) - rate of forward reaction and (kr) - rate of reverse reaction. 1 Question. NH4+ or NH3 exchanging with H2O? If NH4+ is exchanging with H2O: NH4+ (k-1) =(k1) H2O, where (k1)...
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    acid/base ph

    Why don’t all acid/base reactions produce a neutral (pH = 7) equivalence point?
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    Acid/Base Problem Ka

    How many grams of potassium nitrite need to be added to 1050.0ml of a .1145 M HNO2 solution to make a final buffer at pH=3.95? Ka for HNO2=4.5x10-4 I'm trying to solve this using an ICE table but I'm really not sure how to set the table up.
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    Chemistry- Acid/Base Titration

    1. 12.38 mL of NaOH(aq) are titrated using 10.27 mL of 0.1062 M HCl(aq). Calculate the molarity of NaOH(aq). (Notice that there is a (volume acid)/(volume base) ratio embedded in the calculation) 2. In #1 above, the volume of the acid used was smaller than the volume of base used. Should this...
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    Acid/Base Titration

    Prepare a 0.05M Na2CO3 solution, as a primary standard. Calculate how much Na2CO3 is required to prepare 250mL of this solution. Does that mean 0.05M Na2CO3 solution is in a 1 liter concentrate. So 250mL is .25 of 1 liter? I always get stuck on these...
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    Amino acids as acid/base

    How does the following reaction demonstrate an amino acid as an acid: H2NCH2COOH + CH3OH → H2NCH2COOCH3 + H2O How does the following reaction demonstrate an amino acid as a base: H2NCH2COOH + CH3COCl → CH3CONHCH2COOH + HCl An acid is a species that DONATES a proton and a base is a species that...