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    4-phenylbenzoic acid fragmentation

    Hi everyone, I’ve attached a mass spectrum of 4-phenylbenzoic acid that I’ve made recently, and I’m struggling to assign the major peaks. I know the peak at 198 is due to the molecule itself as an ion (EI is used to ionise the molecule). I also know that the peak at 181 is due to a molecular...
  2. T

    Using sulphuric acid as motive fluid in ejector

    Sulphuric acid (I buy mine from being used in fertiliser manufacturing. I feel like introducing air into the system using an ejector just for improvements. The motive fluid available is about 98% sulphuric acid. However, i dont know if such an acid has been used in any chemical...
  3. F

    Acid used in battery

    Hello Which acid is used in battery how it is charged at what temperature
  4. P

    aqua regia from HCL and sulfuric acid?

    i have 4 l of spring water, 200 ml clear concentrated HCL (muriatic acid), and 20-100 ml clear concentrated sulfuric acid (H2S04). is there a way to turn the sulfuric acid to nitric acid so i have aqua regia? total newbie
  5. R

    acid and base

    HNO3 is a strong acid. You have 0.50 mole per liter HNO3. What is the concentration of H3O+ ions in the liquid concentration? How do I find the solution to this question?
  6. B

    what definition of acid and base theory fits in potassium chloride + water reaction?

    We've been asked to identify the acid and base in KCl+H2O with appropriate acid-base definition and only the reactants are given. We've learnt the following theory in class, Arrhenius, Brønsted–Lowry,Solvent System, Lux-Flood, Lewis. I think the completed equation would be KCl+6H2O→K(H2 O)6]^+...
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    Dilution of a solution of phenol with trichloroacetic acid

    Hello, I would like to solve the following problem: I have a vial of trichloroacetic acid (TCA) at 30% (w/w) in aqueous solution. I have a vial of phenol 88% (w/w) in aqueous solution. What volume of phenol and volume of TCA should I mix to obtain 5 mL of solution where the phenol...
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    How much HF required to degrade Quartz tube?

    I have a 4.0mm Quartz tube with a internal diameter of 1.8mm. If I pump hydrofluoric acid (HF) through it, how long will it take to degrade/fail/break? What concentration HF will be required? What can I expect?
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    Glycerin + sulphuric acid or perchloric acid = ???

    Hi there, I'm working on my thesis, but I have some questions and hoped maybe someone could help me out. I have been mixing glycerin with sulphuric acid to obtain solutions in the range of 0.1M up till 1M with mass fractions of glycerol varying from 0.5 to 0.9 but somehow it colors a little...
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    Acid + ????? = bubbles

    Hi there, Just joined, not a chemistry expert but have a pretty good basic knowledge of it. I have a bit of a mystery...... Now, I was taught that acid + carbonate = salt + water + carbon dioxide. Nothing strange there, right? So, I bought some sand, of natural origins, which on the whole...
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    PHENOL (carbolic acid) PROJECT HELP

    Hi I am doing PHENOL for a project and related it to a product called carbolic soap. Can Someone help me explain how it's used in Carbolic soap and what properties of PHENOL make it a good molecule to use in Carbolic soap. I know ITS A DISINFECTANT but how does phenol's structure play a role in...
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    Titanium Diboride with Phosphoric Acid

    Hi, I think I'm getting hydrogen gas off this reaction. Can someone confirm this, and give me a more complete picture of the reaction products? Thanks,
  13. D

    Acid Base and S1 E2 Sn1 Sn2 Help

    I'm in the beginning of my chemistry major and am having trouble with organic chemistry. I feel like for the most part when dealing with reactions I know what drives most reactions to what type but when I sit down at a quiz or test I have trouble putting it all together. We've been given a take...
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    lead acid battery self destruct mechanism

    Hi guys, I use Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries to power some equipment in remote sites. The main problem is that these batteries are stolen from me regularly. I tried putting a GPS module inside the battery to track them down, but some how I lose signal after a few minutes the battery has...
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    What remains after water evaporates from sulfuric acid Solution

    Hi, I have a 5 gallon bucket that was 1/2 filled with an H2SO4 solution (15% by volume). The solution also had 6051 aluminum rod that was sitting inside. After sitting for several months, all of the water has evaporated and a portion of the aluminum tubing has corroded away. What is left...
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    HCl dilution to non hazardous - formulas?

    Hi there, I am completely new to Chemistry and have to complete a paper with 10 questions as part of a safety degree but this is well outside my current knowledge as it has been 30 years since high school. I WOULD really appreciate some help in where to start on the questions below. Are there...
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    Osmolarity citric acid and K2HPO4

    How do you work out the osmolarity of a citric acid solution and a k2hpo4 solution? I know you should multiply the molarity by the number of species eg. NaCl = 2 species but I don't know the number of species for citric acid and k2hpo4. Thanks!
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    Penny in Nitric Acid forms crystals

    Completed an experiment with a penny dissolving in nitric acid. This usually just forms an aqueous solution but this time crystals formed. Can't figure out why. Only nitric acid was used. Any thoughts?
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    Solubility of Silicic Acid

    The question I have is what is the difference between these two forms of silicic acid. Looking at the chemical formula, one can see one is in hydrated form and the other one has water, but not explicitly mentioned in the formula, it just says hydrate. But the molecular weight is different, for...
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    Acid and Base

    5. Calculate the molarity of a solution that contains 12 grams of HCl in 350 mL of solution. What is the pH of the solution? 6. A 250 mL solution of H2SO4 has a strength of 0.2 M. The solution is diluted with water to the .750 L mark. What is the molarity of the solution so formed? Calculate...