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    Acid-base calculation help

    -a pipette is used to remove 10cm3 portions of solution z - each portion is titrated with 0.0050moldm3 sodium hydroxide - mean Titre is 21.10cm3 Calculate number of moles of sulfuric acid in the 40cm3 if solution Z 2NaOH+H2So4=Na2SO4+2H2O Answer: moles of naoh=(21.10/1000)*0.00500=1.06*10^4...
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    Acid-Base Help

    Hello all, I am new to this forum, and was wondering if I could get help with the following problem. Codeine contains a nitrogen atom that can be protonated to give the conjugate acid of codeine. Calculate the pH of a 3.42x10^-4 solution of codeine if its conjugate acid has a pKa of 8.21. The...
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    Acid-base reaction.

    Propionic acid, HC3H5O2, reacts with KOH. What considering the point in the titration where 19.10 mL of .100 M HC3H5O2 has been mixed with 21.05 mL of .875 M KOH. Find each value of: 1. [C3H5O2-] 2. [HC3H5O2] 3. [K+] 4. [OH-] 5. [H3O+] 6. pH
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    False endpoint : Acid-Base Titration

    Hi all, Hope someone out there can help! :) I work in a manufacturing company where we use sodium hydroxide (caustic) flakes in our reaction process. When tested in the lab (using acid-base titration - H2SO4 and Phenolphthalein as the indicator) the concentration of the caustic flake works...
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    Acid-Base and Buffer Calculations

    Hello :) I honestly have NO idea on how to go about this calculation, it appears simple but I'm struggling, can somebody kindly go through the steps with me as I REALLY want to learn this!! What is the Ratio of [Base]/[Acid] in the following Buffer system? Information: Target pH = 9.89 AB...
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    Acid-Base titration question.

    I'm desperately trying to find out the formula used for this type of problem but I have had no luck. If anyone could nudge me in the right direction I'd greatly appreciate it!
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    Acid-Base properties of salt solution

    I am having a hard time determining this topic.... the conjugate acid/base of wek acid/base will change the solution pH, but a lot of time I am just so confused... here is examples: please explain these to me, thank you! NaOCl NH4Cl Ca(NO3)2
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    Acid-Base pH

    what is the concentration of a solution- KOH, for which the pH is 11.89? I was ok up till this point using log and inv log, and using Kw was fine. The answer is apparently 7.8 x 10-3, but how, i keep getting 7.76 x 10-11