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    Amino acids, acidic basic or neutral

    I am having trouble solving the attached problem. I looked at the side chains to see if they were protonated or deprotonated to determine PH but I think I've made a mistake. Can someone help me with the attached problem? Thanks.
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    Is this the reaction that makes CuSO4 acidic?

    Cu2+ + 2H2O --> Cu(OH)2 + 2H3O+ I know that CuSO4 is acidic, but it doesn't have any hydrogen atoms in it, so this is the only way I can see it making a acidic solution.
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    Fermenation pH, possibly acidic? with varying concentration of glucose

    I have recently conducted a simple lab on fermentation with yeast in which I varied the concentration of glucose and then (after leaving it for two weeks) tested the pH. I found that the increasing sugar concentration decreased the pH. I believe, and correct if i'm wrong, that this is because of...