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    Titration and % acidity

    Having a problem working out the below in terms of %acidity not pH. I’ve got a 10ml sample of acetic acid solution and I’ve titration 70ml 0.111M NaPH against it. What is the % acidity of the acetic acid solution? I keep on coming up with 7% but I think that’s wrong. Cheers!
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    Conversion issue on Acids and Titratable acidity

    Hi All I am new here. I have one problem that I would greatly appreciate your help.I have data of citric acid (dominant acid) and two other acids (malic and glutamic)of a certain garden fruit measured by spectrophometric method and they are given in mg/gfw which is "miligram per gram of...
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    Determining volatile acidity in wine via distillation

    Hello, I'm a winemaker, but not an enologist.. so my chemistry skills are a bit limited. I'm trying to assess the amount of volatile acidity (VA) in wine (volatile acids in wine include several but the major acid is acetic acid, therefore we assume volatile acidity ~= acetic acid concentration...