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    Advanced chemistry, energy of bonds, need help

    In Plasmid (of 2686 base pairs) in 37 C degrees were found that average of 54.3 base pairs were disengaged/disconnected. Find average energy of one hydrogen bond between base pairs. Do not pay attention to π - π interaction. The formula I have to use is -kT ln (Q^N) Q means ratio/proportion of...
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    Advanced chemistry question help please

    Dear all I'm coming to you with quite unusual question and wondered if any of you might have a slightest idea of where I should even start looking.. paper containing As 5mg/kg B 34mg/kg Cr 2525mg/kg Cu 296mg/kg Hg 6mg/kg Ni 43mg/kg Pb 5234mg/kg Zn 68276 Painted over with water based paint made...
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    advanced coordination chemistry

    please help me answer the following questions; what is macro cyclic effect its application in chemistry examples of naturally occurring macro cycles and the role of the metal involved