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    Electrolyisis with saltwater and aluminum cathode

    I'm doing an electrolysis experiment using table salt, distilled water, and aluminum as my anode (bought it from After putting a current through it, bubbles start to form. I know I'm producing Hydrogen and Chlorine gas, and creating Sodium Hydroxides and other Aluminum...
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    Matrial to insulation Electrochemical Aluminum

    Hi, I have trouble and need your help because i'm not familiar with chemistry, I working on project to use RF wave to read label sticker on boxes like perfum box from long range up to 3 meter, got on problem in apply, the perfum box surface made from "Electrochemical Aluminum" this material...
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    Copper (II) Chloride + Aluminum [Lab Questions]

    We're studying Redox Reactions and we just completed a copper lab. I'm working on my lab report and I'm having a hard time so I was wondering if you guys could help me with a few questions. The equation for the Rxn is: 3CuCl<sub>2</sub>(aq) + 2Al(s) → 3Cu(s) + 2AlCl<sub>3</sub>(aq) The net...
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    formation of aluminum hydride

    From what I have read, aluminum hydride can be formed by the addition of H2SO4, HCl, AlCl3, etc. to e.g., LiAlH4. The mechanism being that, e.g., SO4 removes the lithium leaving AlH3. I am wondering if the addition of elemental iodine would have the same effect.