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    Chemicals for Binding of ammonia in Aqueous Solution

    Hi There, I use sodium formaldehyde bisulfite for binding of ammonia in water. I also use it for removal of chlorine. Am wondering if there are any other chemicals that will bind ammonia in an aqueous solution that are not formaldehyde based?
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    Question about ammonia and TAN for a small experiment

    Hello! I am trying to set up a small experiment for my class but I am stuck on a problem. We have three saltwater tanks, with the following measurements: The first tank will have a pH of 7.5, an NH3 level of 0.06 mg/L, and a TAN (total ammonia nitrogen) level of 20. Just NH3 is added. The...
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    AQUA AMMONIA PROPERTIES - please help me....

    Dear Friends, I need the properties values of Ammonium Hydroxide(Aqua Ammonia) at the pressure of 20 bar & temperature of 110 degree Celsius. I am an engineering background research scholar and I don't know how to get the property values like Prandtl number, density, dynamic viscosity of...
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    Ammonia production

    why methanation is important in ammonia production on large scale and what happens to methane formed in synthesis loop?
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    ammonia cancelation

    Hello, As someone who knows nothing about chemistry I ask you to be kind with me :) The scenario is a 100x100x100 meter concrete tank holding ammonia, at gas state. The purpose is to cancel the whole tank in the case of a MASSIVE leak. Does a large enough amount of water will cancel it when...