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    Measuring amount of c60 fullerenes dissolved in oil

    Hello All, Please forgive my ignorance. I really don't know much about chemistry. I have been searching the web for the answer to my question, but I haven't been able to find anything that I can understand/use. I have been dissolving c60 fullerenes in various types of oil for a while now. I...
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    How to calculate amount by weight, of a powder in a liquid

    I need to add .2% of a flavor powder to an amount of milk. How would I calculate the amount, in grams, of the flavor powder that would be required to go into 8oz of milk. Thank you.
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    How to calculate amount of Fe in a vitamin tablet

    Using the equation from the standards I obtained I calculated the concentration of the unknown to be C =1.941x10^-6 mol/L. DF=100 Vtotal = 100mL MWFe = 55.845g/mol mass of sample = 1.4375g 1.941x10^-6mol/L x100 = 1.941x10^-4 mol/L x 0.1L = 1.941x10^-5 mol x 55.8452g = 1.08mg This is...
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    Determine amount of base to use for titration?

    I am doing a lab in which I need to use a base with a known concentration (a standard solution that I have to dilute to make a secondary standard) to react with an acid with an unknown concentration. I then have to find the mass of the acid. I am wondering how I am supposed to find what...
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    Calculating amount of NaOH to raise pH of solution

    I need to get a 5 wt% NaCl solution within the pH range of 6.5 - 7.2 to meet specifications for a test. After initial mixing, the pH of the NaCl solution typically measures around 6. I'm assuming that the slight acidity of the solution is due to carbonic acid, from carbon dioxide in the air...
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    determine small amount methanol in solutions

    i like homebrewing but i don't know how to realize my homemade alcohol is safe even existing small volume of methanol has high risk to make someone blind i have tested my alcohol with red litmus paper but methanol and ethanol bout of them make it blue so this not good method. i added dicromate...
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    Variation of temperature versus volume of a fixed amount of gas

    .. at constant pressure. So to prove that volume increases as the temperature is increased in a constant pressure, our book states the activity: Get two vessels filled with cold water and hot water. Insert a bottle covered with an unblown balloon observe the changes. So here it is...
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    Calculate the amount of fertilizer needed

    I have performed an experiment with KH2PO4 and I had to calculate the mass of how much g of solid of KH2PO4 I have to use for the lab, “Weigh out enough KH2PO4 sample to contain about 0.1 ± 0.01 g of P. Have this mass calculated”. I found out that I have to use 0.4g I found it by doing 136g-31g...
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    amount of substance concentration

    Hey guys i have to calculate the amount of substance concentration of rotenon ( C23H22O6) at 25 C and the solubility of rotenon in water is 15 mg/L at 25 C. How do i calculate it? Thanks in advance.