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    Analytical chemistry

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me How do you calculate the mass needed to make 1ppm zinc from 10%zinc neodeconate in xylene The 1ppm zinc will be needed to make a standard in a total volume of 20mls. Please Can you explain calculations.thanks, Laura
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    Determine Ti in Ilmenite sample using Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry

    How to determine Ti in Ilmenite sample using Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry?
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    Analytical pH help

    I have a really bad analytical teacher in college. She posted a quiz up that we haven't covered any of the material. I find analytical chem challenging I need resources or walkthroughs on these questions. Question 1:Sodium acetate is a weak base. Find the pH of 0.078 M sodium acetate solution...
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    FTIR for fabric

    Hi all, I am not a chemist but I have great interest in learning new analytic techniques and am a curious soul. I want to find out if it is possible to remove all formulation from a wet cloth so I get a dried fabric that I can perform FTIR on to find out the blend. I know that the formulation...
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    analytical chemistry critical evaluation

    I am struggling with critically evaluating analytical techniques. I have done 2 poster presentations 2 techniques and my tutor failed both. explain or send link to where I can find an example. :confused:
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    GC with FID

    Hello everyone! I'm new here and I really need some technical/mechanical help on a project I'm working on here at Texas A&M. I decided for my senior project to build a GC with an FID. After deciding this I realized the difficulty in finding a good publication or paper as a reference on how to...
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    I've just ran XRD analysis of Fe (fine powder), FeCl3.6H20. I am using Xpert Highscore software. I am unsure what some of the collumns means in the pattern list - Score? Displ.[°2Th]? Scale Factor? Just an understanding of what they mean would be, I need to prove that they are the compounds...
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    Stuck on Analytical Chemistry Problem

    Hi all, I'm stuck. Here's the question. Calculate the electrode potential of a platinum electrode immersed in a solution that is, .075 M in Fe2(SO4)3 and .06 M in FeSO4? It seems to me this is a cell where Fe2+ gets oxidized to Fe3+ and Sulfate gets reduced to H2SO3. Thus, anode...
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    Analytical chemistry - bromine water

    Hi! I live in Norway so we don't have the high school system. I'm 18 and am soon finishing my second year in "college". Anyway, we got a question in class that we have to solve, and can somebody please help me solve it? In some experiments an equal amount of bromine water was added to two test...
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    Which analytical technique????????

    Hi there, I am working on cardon dioxide reduction and need to identify and quantify the products, I don't know exactly what will be in the reduced solution. But, most probably the solution will contain tiny amounts of : methanol, formic acid,methane and formaldehyde in aqueous phase, I also...