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    Electron configuration questions

    Hello, What is the meaning of highlighted statements in the attached file? I know the principal quantum number, azimuthal quantum number, magnetic quantum number, used to describe the location of electrons in an atom of any substance. I know the formula for computing amount of energy in an atom...
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    Need Chemistry help with Illustrating bond with vectors for electronegative atom.

    Need Chemistry help with Illustrating bond with vectors for electronegative atom.? When illustrating bond dipoles, vectors point from the ________ electronegative atom to the _______ electronegative atom. more, less less, more both A and B neither A or B
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    The distance between electron shells in an atom

    During our basic chemistry course, i was taught that electron shells were roughly the same distance, at least that is what the diagrams alluded to. However this is not the case but i am unsure on the reason why; Why are electron shells not spaced out equally? How do we know this?
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    Atomic Model HELP!

    Hi everyone, Is there anyone here that could help me with an atomic question? Thanks! Dan
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    how to study

    whenever we study physics numericals,units,definition of quantities in chemistry and formulas,reactions practice should be done to it strong. but my problem is when we study physics i encounter examples in middle of chapter like numericals can i solve numericals when i finish reading chapter.
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    Final state of Hydrogen atom?

    A ground state hydrogen atom absorbs a photon of light having a wavelength of 92.27 nm. It then gives off a photon having a wavelength of 383.4 nm. What is the final state of the hydrogen atom? Values for physical constants can be found here.
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    Hydrogen Atom : Change in Energy & Wave Function

    If the proton in hydrogen is replaced by a positron-how does it effect Energy and Wave Function ? Help please !
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    Atomic structure

    my dear friends, H-E-L-P me! i am an indian science student... since April this year i've been trying to understand the structure of an atom. i am very well aware with bohr's model. the problem comes when i reach to Schrodinger heisenberg model... i know it would be long, but please could...
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    Unit cell packing efficiency and density

    Here's the question: You are on the Starship Enterprise and come across a planet that hasn’t been visited before. As the science officer, you go down to the planet surface and you find a very interesting “rock” that actually is a pure element. Determining, from X-ray diffraction studies, that...