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    Cycle of atomic model

    There is the direction for one way atomic model as cycle. We use counting atom and electronic as the frame 1+1=2. So there is the character for atomic model as definition. When cycle is changed, then the atomic model would be changed.
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    Change atomic model

    Atomic model(another way to understand atomic model) can connect together by one way as direction. Just counting electronic and atom as frame 1+1=2. (Energy means the group of atomic model). So when we separate atom and electronic, then the one way is changed into another direction. So we can...
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    Atomic Model HELP!

    Hi everyone, Is there anyone here that could help me with an atomic question? Thanks! Dan
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    Atomic bomb

    Is there any substance that scientist has made that can destroy ayomic bomb?:d
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    Trick to memorise atomic numbers

    Hey friends, just joined this forum. Well i come from India, and in India, there are about 60/70 students per class. (India amongst most populated countries in world)More stress is given on rote learning rather than understanding. For that i have to constantly develop mnemonics to help children...
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    atomic structure

    X-rays emitted from a copper target and a molybdenum target are found to contain a line of wavelength 22.85 nm attributed to the Kα line of an impurity element. The Kα lines of copper (Z=29) and molybdenum (Z=42) have wavelength 15.42 nm and 7.12 nm respectively. Using Moseley’s law, γ1/2 =...
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    Atomic Structure

    Hi everyone! So we were given a hand out on atomic structure which is fairly straight forward to me for the most part however I am getting hung up on the one question and wondered if anyone might be able to help? We were asked to fill out a table with the atomic symbol, atomic number, mass...
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    Question about atomic orbitals

    When two atomic orbitals overlap, what factors influence how much lower the bonding MO is in energy relative to the energy of the lowest atomic orbital?
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    Hi, im stuck on this question in my exam prep. In Ag2O, data suggests that Ag+ have much larger atomic displacements than the O atoms. Why is this unexpected? thanks.
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    Atomic Theory/Model Webquest (Answers)

    This webquest blows and takes forever so here's mine so you don't have to waste 4 hours doing this nonsense. The pictures and models are the only thing that's missing because it won't let me insert them since I'm doing this from my phone. Blake Dalessio Price CP Chemistry February 27, 2014...
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    d-block configuration?

    In the 3d series : Scandium Configuration: 3d1 4s2 Why isn't it 3d2 4s1? Since half filled orbitals ( in this case 4s1 ) are more stable?
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    Shape of the p-orbital

    hi, what should be the true electron probability density or the shape of a p-orbital? Some say it is ''dumbbell'' and some say it is ''pear-shaped'' If both of them are correct, then what is the difference between them Ths a lot!
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    Atomic mass

    according to Carbon scale, atomic mass= actual mass of an atom / (1/12 the mass of an atom of carbon-12) So, we can write, atomic mass of Carbon = actual mass of a Carbon/ (1/12 the mass of an atom of carbon-12) =12 or, atomic mass of Oxygen = actual mass of a Oxygen/ (1/12 the mass of an...
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    Atomic Spec

    1. Calculate the frequency of the red spectral line of hydrogen with a wavelength of 656 nm. 2. Determine the value of 1/λ, with λ in meters, for the red spectral line above. 3. Determine the value of the transition from n = 5 to n =2. (Don’t determine the energy of the photon, just the value...
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    Atomic radii of elements

    The atomic radii of Y (180pm) and La (187 pm) are significantly different, but the radii of Zr (160 pm) and Hf (159 pm) are essentially identical. Explain?
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    Average atomic mass?

    The atomic weight of a newly discovered element is 98.225 amu. It has two naturally occuring isotopes. One isotope has a mass of 96.780 amu. The second isotope has a percent abundance of 41.7%. What is the mass of the second isotope? 1. 99.670 amu 2. 57.265 3. 99.259 amu 4. not enough...
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    Atomic structure

    my dear friends, H-E-L-P me! i am an indian science student... since April this year i've been trying to understand the structure of an atom. i am very well aware with bohr's model. the problem comes when i reach to Schrodinger heisenberg model... i know it would be long, but please could...
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    Atomic cation electron configuration

    An atomic cation with a charge of has the following electron configuration: 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p4 I m having trouble with this one even though it's a very simple problem. The configuration fits Sulfur but S is not +2. It did mention in the bottom question how many 3d electrons does the ion have...
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    Help with Finding the atomic mass of an unknown metal

    A 1.00g sample of metal X weighs 1.345 g after complete conversion to the oxide. If the formula for the oxide is X2O3, what is the atomic weight of X? I dont know where to start.
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    atomic mass question

    hey there Naturally occurring iodine has an atomic mass of 126.9045. A 12.3849-g sample of iodine is accidentally contaminated with 1.00070-g of , a synthetic radioisotope of iodine used in the treatment of certain diseases of the thyroid gland. The mass of is 128.9050 amu. Find the apparent...