1. C

    Balancing equations

    So I need to create a balanced chemical equation for Chlordiazepoxide. The molecular formula is C16H14ClN3O. How do I do this?
  2. R

    balancing redox reaction

    balance redox reaction $MnO_4^- + C_2O_4^{2-} + H^+ ==== MN^{+2} +CO_2 +H_2O$ i am not able to balance the charges in the end
  3. D

    Equation Balancing?

    Can someone please outline a step by step way to balance an equation? I am in the eight grade, but I am solid on nearly everything in high school chemistry excluding this principle of stoichiometry.
  4. C

    can anyone assist me in balancing this equation

    Zn(NO3)2+Sn(NO3)4+C6H8O7=Zn2SnO4+CO+H2O+NO3+O2 ?
  5. H

    DR Equation Balancing Help

    I feel stupid for having to ask for help on this one, but can I please get some assistance? :confused: Balance this DR equation... Ammonium nitrate and lead (IV) oxide I think it is impossible, but I may be wrong.
  6. L

    Balancing Redox Equations

    Hi I have a few redox equations that I have trouble solving. Here are the redox equations (below): 1. NO2---->NO3^-3 + NO 2(H2O + NO2 ---> NO3^-3 + NO + 2H^+1) 2H + NO2 ----> NO + H2O 2. H2O2 + Cr^3+ ----> Cr2O7^2- I've written the half-equations for both, but I still don't understand...
  7. M

    Stoichometry: Balancing Chem Eq,molarity

    I need someone to check these problems for me, particularly the 2nd one, I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. 1) Write the balanced equation for: Mg + 0 Solution: 2MgO 2) If .05g og Mg is used, how many grams of MgO is produced? I know for this one I have to get the theoretical yield...
  8. Purplepiscean

    Balancing Redox Reactions? Please Help!

    The redox reaction: ClO3^2- (aq) + Cl ^- (aq) --> Cl2 (g) + ClO2 (aq) is to be balanced in acid solution using the ion-electron method. Note: There is an oxidation and a reduction. Pick pairs where there is a change in oxidation number. Ps: Not only do I not know how to do this method, but...
  9. L

    Balancing equation by Half-Reaction method

    How do I balance the following equation by the half-reaction method? The reaction takes place in basic solution. Fe(OH)2(s) + O2(g) = Fe(OH)3(s) The answer is 4Fe(OH)2(s) + 2H2O(l) + O2(g) = 4Fe(OH)3(s). How do I work it out? Please show steps.
  10. N

    balancing equation and finding how many CO2 will formed

    balance the equation C6H10 + 02------> CO2 +H2O i got 2 C6H10 + 17 O2------> 12 CO2 + 10 H2O did i balance it correct? and i have to answer this question, not sure where to start, lf I do this reaction with 35 grams of C6H10 and 45 grams of oxygen, how many grams of carbon'dioxide will...
  11. P

    Balancing Redox Equations

    I am not learning chemistry and have no interest to. But I have been given the following as a puzzle for something unrelated, I wouldn't know where to begin. I need to know what the numbers in bold are, can someone help me?
  12. B

    Balancing Reactions

    Balance: C6H6 + S8 -> C6H6 + H2S I was ok till i got to this one 2 C 3 H6 + S8 + (10H+ ?? not sure) -> C6H6 + 8 H2S I'm a bit confused about adding Hydrogens and electrons for balancing. Thanks
  13. C

    Question about Synthesis balancing? Can someone please help me?

    Hi guys! I am trying to balance these 2 equations and was wondering whether I am on the right track or not Cobalt oxalate hydrate: I have 0.63 g of oxalic acid dihydrate (H2C2O4 * 2H2O), 1.17 g of cobalt II chloride hexahydrate (CoCl2 * 6H2O) and 0.5mL of ammonia (NH3) and I obtained 0.5g of...
  14. P

    Help with balancing chemical equations

    Ba(OH)2 + H2SO4 → H2O + BaSO4 CH4+ O2→ CO2+ H2O NaCl+ H2SO4→ HCl+ NaHSO4 NH3+ 3O2→ N2+ H2O please balance at least 2 of those equations
  15. W

    I need help balancing equations!

    I have been struggling in my basic chemistry class and need any help I can get. I am having trouble balancing equations right now. Any suggestions?