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    Arrhenius Base

    There are three sets of major theories by which acids and bases could be explained: Bronsted Lowry theory, Arrhenius theory and Lewis theory. In this article, we’ll see acids and bases based on the Arrhenius theory. Various compounds have similar characteristics which could be categorized into...
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    acid and base

    HNO3 is a strong acid. You have 0.50 mole per liter HNO3. What is the concentration of H3O+ ions in the liquid concentration? How do I find the solution to this question?
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    what definition of acid and base theory fits in potassium chloride + water reaction?

    We've been asked to identify the acid and base in KCl+H2O with appropriate acid-base definition and only the reactants are given. We've learnt the following theory in class, Arrhenius, Brønsted–Lowry,Solvent System, Lux-Flood, Lewis. I think the completed equation would be KCl+6H2O→K(H2 O)6]^+...
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    Acid Base and S1 E2 Sn1 Sn2 Help

    I'm in the beginning of my chemistry major and am having trouble with organic chemistry. I feel like for the most part when dealing with reactions I know what drives most reactions to what type but when I sit down at a quiz or test I have trouble putting it all together. We've been given a take...
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    Why is NH3 a base in water?

    The reaction of NH3 +H2O --> NH4 +OH. Since NH4 accepted a proton from water, it's a Bronsted Lowry base and and becomes a conjugate acid which is weak. I'm confused why did H20 in this case act as an acid and NH3 acts as a base, can someone please explain?
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    Acid and Base

    5. Calculate the molarity of a solution that contains 12 grams of HCl in 350 mL of solution. What is the pH of the solution? 6. A 250 mL solution of H2SO4 has a strength of 0.2 M. The solution is diluted with water to the .750 L mark. What is the molarity of the solution so formed? Calculate...
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    i forgot the concepts understanding word by word without practical imaginative thinking. how to understand chemistry like a story. can anyone can tell me
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    Atomic bomb

    Is there any substance that scientist has made that can destroy ayomic bomb?:d
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    How to find pH of a diprotic acid titrated by a strong base

    Given 20.0 mL 0.25 M of H2CO3 (Ka1=6.4x10^-6 and Ka2= 6.9x10^-10) titrated by a 0.50 M solution of NaOH, Identify the following: a) Veq1 and Veq2 = 10 mL and 20 mL respectively b)The pH at the following points: 0ml of added titrant = 2.90 3ml= 4.82 1/2 Veq1 = 5.19 at Veq1 3 mL past Veq1...
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    Why dosen't an acid base reaction occur for BDE-47

    Hello I am not sure why BDE-47 would undergo an acid-base reaction in water. Although I do know that OH-BDE 47 does undergo acid-base reactions. I am under the assumption that BDE-47 doesn't undergo this type of reaction due to the stability of the carbon rings. That breaking the Bromine bonds...
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    Determine amount of base to use for titration?

    I am doing a lab in which I need to use a base with a known concentration (a standard solution that I have to dilute to make a secondary standard) to react with an acid with an unknown concentration. I then have to find the mass of the acid. I am wondering how I am supposed to find what...
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    help !! acid and base

    in 0.025 M CLCH2COOH what's (H+)
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    pH for this Weak Acid-Strong Base titration

    What is the pH when 10 ml of 0.1 M NaOH is added to 25 ml of 0.1 M HC2H3O2? The main thing confusing me about this type of problem is that my teacher taught me a way which is different from the methods I see online. And I get a different answer. This is how I was taught to do it: moles of...
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    acid base lab help please

    Using 0.3638 M of NaOH solution, calculate the % acetic acid (BY MASS) in each of these 3 samples: 23.69 mL, 23.59 mL and 23.99 mL total mass of each 25.00 mL sample is given by: total mass=density x volume. Assume density of the acetic acid solution is 1.000 g/mL I know to start out with the...
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    Equivalent Weight of a Base...need help please..

    What is the equivalent weight of a base if 0.2131 g required 43.71 mL of 0.0132 N acid? Sorry I have no idea on how to answer this one. Please include step-by-step solution.Thank you so much.
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    Calculate pH of WEAK acid given ONLY molarity?

    Is it possible to calculate the pH of a weak acid if you're only given the molarity? For example, "Calculate the pH of a 0.1 M solution of methylamine. Explain why it is different then the pH of a 0.1 M solution NaOH." Obviously, finding the pH of a strong acid/base is pretty straightforward...
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    Characterizing Acid - Base Reactions

    Which of the following reactions (from the net ionic equations) are characterized as acid-base? Mg + 2H3O^+ ---> Mg^2+ + H2 + 2H2O CO3^-2 + H3O^+ ---> HCO3^- + H2O H3O^+ + OH^- ---> 2H2O I know the last one is an acid-base cause I've seen it being used so much in examples, but I'm...
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    Make acid basic by adding water?

    My supervisor (PhD supervisor) has asked me to calculate how much HCl to add to water to give a basic pH (a series of dilutions, pHs 7, 8, 9 and 10). However, I am not a chemist by any means, I am a biologist and I always thought that you could not make an acid basic by adding water! Could...
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    Titration help please need soon!!!!

    You are given 25 mL of 0.189438 M sodium acetate (NaC2H3O2) which has a pKb of 9.25 and are asked to titrate 0.2 M HCl into the solution. How many liters of HCl is needed to completely neutralize the base? What is the final pH of the solution? You are given 25 mL of 0.10901 M acetic aid...
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    Acid-Base properties of salt solution

    I am having a hard time determining this topic.... the conjugate acid/base of wek acid/base will change the solution pH, but a lot of time I am just so confused... here is examples: please explain these to me, thank you! NaOCl NH4Cl Ca(NO3)2