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    I need help with a task regarding acids and bases

    I am preparing for a test in the chapter about acids and bases, but there is one question that I am having difficulties finding the answer to. The question is a follows: A solution of sodium hydroxide is prepared by adding distilled water to 6.0 g NaOH to make 1.0 dm3 of solution. What is the pH...
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    Need help with acids and bases

    Ok, so I had a couple of problems that I didn't know the answers to in an acid and bases assignment and would really appreciate some help.. 1.What is the pH of an acid solution that has 1.0E-2 molar HCL? (I said it was "2") 2.What is the pH of a pure water solution at 25°C? (I said it was...
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    Help!! Solubility/Acids and bases questions

    Hi, I am currently working on some chemistry homework and struggling hard. The questions deal with solubility and acids and bases. There are three questions in particular that I do not know how to do. 1. What would be the solubility of nickel (II) hydroxide in a 0.05M solution of strontium...
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    Year 11 acids and bases help!

    This is not a homework question but I was just wondering if the way I answer questions to do with the neutralisation of acids and bases was right (specifically terminology) : Acids have H+ ions while bases have OH- ions. A neutralisation reaction occurs when the H+ ion and OH- ions cancel each...
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    Properties of Weak Bases

    I'm so confused about this! My textbook seems to be contradicting itself. First it says that the conjugate bases of strong acids are weak bases, and vice versa, but then it says that some example of weak bases include the anions of WEAK acids. That doesn't make sense. Help!
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    Acids, Bases, and pH

    1. What are acids and bases? 2. What is pH and how is it measured? 3. What happens when substances with different pH levels are combined? 4. What is the pH of different foods? I would like as many of these questions answered as possible, with at least semi technical answers.. Id greatly...
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    Acids and Bases

    in my notes, it reads that the: "dilution of vinegar results in lower acidity and higher percent ionization". is the acidity lower because concentration is decreased? and is % ionization higher because water ionizes more than a weak acid does? thanks!