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    Advanced chemistry, energy of bonds, need help

    In Plasmid (of 2686 base pairs) in 37 C degrees were found that average of 54.3 base pairs were disengaged/disconnected. Find average energy of one hydrogen bond between base pairs. Do not pay attention to π - π interaction. The formula I have to use is -kT ln (Q^N) Q means ratio/proportion of...
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    Van der Waal Forces

    This is a bit urgent because i have a test tomorrow and have compleatly forgotten everything about Van der Waals. I’d like to know how you would tell if something is held together by van der waal forces, for example CO2? Basically any information that would make my understanding of Van der Waals...
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    Question regarding electron cloud modle

    Hi, Nitrate, Carbonate ions have resonance structures. So, they have delocalized pi electron clouds. We know that nitrate and carbonate ions have more than one lewis structure, but resonance structure is the most suitable one. My problem is this. How that the resonance structure is exist...
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    Chemistry help. Ranking bonds and molecules in order please.?

    Consider the following molecules: CF4, H3CBr, H3CCl A) Rank the bonds: C-H, C-F, C-Br and C-Cl B) Rank the molecules in order of increasing polarity. Explain THANK YOU!!
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    ionic and covalent bonds

    which compounds have both ionic and covalent bonds? 1) sodium sulphate 2)carbon monoxide 3) ethanol ethanoate 4) magnesium floride the answer is 1) but why? also how do you derive this type of answers in future like in other questions?