1. S

    suggest a book in identification of organic comp.

    hi all I'm searching for a book for identification of organic comp. with classification tests for different functional group, I know shriner is one of the best references, but I like to find simpler and briefer reference for undergraduate students. Can you suggest me any reference thanks for...
  2. nurjanah

    need problem solution of organic chemistry book

    hallo I'm happy to join this forum. may be is there anyone know where to find problem solution of organic chemistry 10th edition by graham solomon?? really need the solution :(
  3. S

    Blue book methods

    Does anyone know where I can get copies of the " Methods for the examination of waters and associated materials " as used by the Environment Agency ? United Kingdom
  4. M

    cant find the answer to this anywhere in the book

    In the reaction 2 MnO4 -(aq) + 10 Br-(aq) + 16 H+(aq) → 2 Mn2+ (aq) +5 Br2(aq) + 8 H2O(aq) the reducing agent is ________. Express your answer as a chemical formula.