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    isotopes of bromine

    There are two different isotopes of bromine atoms. Under normal conditions, elemental bromine consists of molecules, and the mass of a molecule is the sum of the masses of the two atoms in the molecule. The mass spectrum of consists of three peaks: Mass Relative Size 157.836 0.2569 159.834...
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    Propane and bromine equation oxidation reduction?

    Propane and bromine equation oxidation reduction? propane is shaken vigorously with a solution of bromine water in the presence of uV, its asking for the oxidation and reduction equations but it didn't work out. I can get the full equation bu the oxidation numbers don't work out with the carbons.
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    Analytical chemistry - bromine water

    Hi! I live in Norway so we don't have the high school system. I'm 18 and am soon finishing my second year in "college". Anyway, we got a question in class that we have to solve, and can somebody please help me solve it? In some experiments an equal amount of bromine water was added to two test...