1. M

    Catalyst solution for a gas range?

    Please bear with me here. I'm 68 and haven't had chemistry since around 1967, or studied it since. ( though I have found what I learned, to be occasionally useful ) We have a cheapo GE gas range, that came with this modular house. Several times over the years, I couldn't see the flame burning...
  2. G

    Electrophilic addition of water using sulfuric acid catalyst mechanism?

    cant find the mechanism anywhere. this is the best idea i had. would greatly appriciate it if someone could verify it or show me the correct one.:)
  3. C

    Determining a VOx/Al2O3 catalyst

    Would you be able to help? I am a chemical engineering student doing a project on the production of Maleic Anhydride from Furfural. For our reaction we have found papers stating the type of catalyst that would be most preferable. It is in the form of VOx/Al2O3, the paper states the best...
  4. JasonHerbalExt

    Which statement about the behavior of a catalyst is correct?

    Which statement about the behavior of a catalyst is correct? (A) A catalyst reacts with the product and shifts the equilibrium to the right speeding up the reaction. (B) A catalyst lowers the activation energy of the original reaction pathway. (C) A catalyst provides additional energy to a...
  5. K


    Hello everyone! I have to fill in the blanks for 1 and 2! i believe the answer to number 1 is 2-chlorobutane, but for number 2 i am a bit confused with the cu. Could it be ethylmethyl ether? i feel like the cu is part of dehydrogenation reaction? thoughts! thank you:)
  6. N

    Complex compounds as biological catalyst

    Hello! I need help for my powerpoint presentation. I would be very grateful if someone could help me with this problem. I need few examples of compounds which are complex compounds and also biological catalysts. Thanks!
  7. P

    Platinum Catalyst

    Here's the question I'm stuck on: Two moles of H2 gas and one mole of O2 gas are mixed at 25 C. Although the K for this reaction under these conditions is very large (1.3*10^83), nothing happens. When a piece of platinum is added, however, the gases react rapidly. Fully explain the role of...