1. Z

    Periodic Table question

    Hi. Please see attached file, first table it's real periodic table. Second table is my own. There is any sence in what I done? Many thanks in advance.
  2. W

    Chemical waste testing

    Hi Recently my company has wanted to conduct waste testing to determine the composition of the wastes in concentration or wt%. This testing will help us to determine whether there are any excess chemicals in the feed of the process, which in turn can also be used to identify the effective...
  3. F

    What chemical is there in welding

    Hello Which chemical is there in welding
  4. F

    What is chemical material

    Hello What is chemical material of this bobin
  5. Brumer

    Controlling chemical reactions near absolute zero

    In a new study, a team led by Andreas Osterwalder at EPFL's Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering, working with theorists from the University of Toronto, have built an apparatus that allows them to control the orientation and energies of reacting atoms, down to nearly absolute zero...
  6. F

    Which chemical is used for production of plastic pack

    Hello Which plastic is used for making plastic pack how it is made
  7. R

    What are the chemical and physical properties of Vegetable oil (preferably canola oil

    I am doing some simulations as part of my project in ANSYS CFD and I need to input chemical properties like STANDARD STATE ENTHALPY and MOLECULAR WEIGHT of vegetable oil. Can anyone help me with those values? Thanks in advance.
  8. C

    Chemical Equation for ibuprofen (C13H18O)?

    need this for a school assignment and cant seem to find it. Thanks in advance!
  9. A

    What's the best chemical compound to overcome and clean greasy dirt

    What's the best chemical compound and its optimum-effect proportion to overcome and clean greasy dirts or dirty greases? an how to create it step by step in correct procedure ?
  10. A

    Please help me to complete this chemical requation

    Ca(NO3)2*4H2O + Co(NO3)2*6H2O + (C6H10O5)n = Ca3Co4O9 +___+____+____+_____+_____ and also balance this equation ..... Cheers.............
  11. B

    Chemical Reaction or Mixture?

    Not sure how to begin or steps to take to answer: When combining a known preservative/inhibitor of bacterial growth, with a known antimicrobial agent that is an oxidizer, will a chemical reaction occur or is it simply a mixture? Preservative: Methyl chloro isothiazolinone (C4H4ClNOS) Oxidizer...
  12. A

    How do reactant proportions affect the products of a chemical reaction?

    Is it correct that if you alter the proportions of the reactants of many chemical reactions, especially step-wise, the products will change? Here is an example, please tell me if it is right or not: KOH + H2SO4 ==> KHSO4 + H2O 2KOH + H2SO4 ==> K2SO4 + 2H2O
  13. H

    Chemical equilibrium

    What is the minimum concentration of CN- that will prevent the precipitation of AgX(s) from a solution that is 0.149 M in X-(aq) and 0.0184 M in Ag+(aq)? (Ksp for AgX(s) = 5.2 × 10^-17; Kf for Ag(CN)2- = 5.6 × 10^18) I have no idea how to calculate this question My attempt: AgX(s) --> Ag+ +...
  14. A

    What are all the ways to prevent Oxygen from chemical reaction?

    For example: this can be used to stop fires. I'm a mechanical engineering student, so I don't know much about chemistry :D, so I was looking for some help with this question. I'm willing to devote much of my time to research this. I would actually form a research team for this if needed. Any...
  15. S

    Kinetin solubility issue

    Hi friends I am new to this forum, I have a problem with kinetin solubility. As per the info it is soluble in koh and naoh, I tried to solubalize it in koh but it does not dissolve completely, Need suggestions Thanks
  16. A

    Chemical equilibrium problem help

    Hi everyone. I am from Sri Lanka. My university entrance exams are coming up. Need help figuring out past paper problems mainly physical chemisrty. Any advice?
  17. A

    Writing a chemical equation with polyatomics and acids

    The problems: (NH4)2S + HNO3 = ? - main problem LiHCO3 + HClO = ? - check just in case problem The attempt at a solution: I think it has to equal H2S + NH4NO3 Or H2S + NO2 + H2O I've used multiple online chemical balancing calculators and they all give me different answers. There's also...
  18. A

    converting chemical structure to molecular formula

    Hi there, I don't have a chemistry background, so am struggling a bit with this one. I am required to convert the (shown) molecule to a molecular formula, but i'm not understanding how to do this. I thought maybe it was as simple as just adding everything up, i.e answer C3H9, but realise...
  19. A

    Chemical Kinetics: Arrhenius Equation

    Given the same reactant concentrations, the reaction CO (g) + Cl2 (g) ----> COCl2 (g) at 250 degrees C is 1.50 x 10^3 times as fast as the same reaction at 150 degrees C. Calculate the activation energy for this reaction. Assume that the frequency factor is constant. I have been using this...
  20. H

    Chemical Reaction between DPG and ABS

    Dear forum, I am a business owner, not a chemist or chemistry student! Please can I have your advice and knowledge on the potential chemical reaction between DPG (Diproplyene Glycol) and ABS plastic? (Acrylonitrite Butadiene Styrene)?? ie. what if anything would happen if I put drops of...