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    I am teaching Technical Writing for Chemists but am not a chemist

    Hello, I'm an English teacher but I have to teach a course called Technical Writing for Chemists to undergraduate Chemistry students whose second language is English at my university in Turkey. I have to plan this class from scratch. Does anyone have suggestions for topics or texts? Should I...
  2. F

    Good Schools or Colleges to Become a Chemist

    This may seem like a weird question, but I am interested in pursuing a career as a chemist or work in the field of chemistry. What are some of the best schools, programs, or colleges to help me pursue this goal?:)
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    Looking for a chemist

    I am an entrepreneur with a background in topical analgesics. I am looking for a chemist with a working knowledge in topical analgesics. We have a business model and plan but the solutions and creams we have sampled haven't been therapeutic and effective enough to bring to market. If anyone is...
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    Why do chemist need to learn about quantum numbers?

    I have just finished learning about quantum numbers. What I would like to know is why chemistry students need to learn to assign quantum numbers? They do not appear useful. I know that the numbers tell you about the energy, shape, magnetism, and spin of an electron but, why does a chemist...