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    Poly Auminium Chloride into Anyhydrous Aluminium Chloride

    I have 500grams of Poly Aluminium Chloride that i got from brumer. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a method of converting it to just AlCl3 Anhydrous Aluminium Chloride?
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    Measure NA chlorate concentration vs chloride

    Hello, I am using an electrolytic cell to convert sodium chloride to sodium chlorate (NOT per-chlorate, just straight NaCLO3). How can i measure the relative concentration of chlorate to chloride? I need to find a way to track how much of the conversion has been completed. The application is...
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    Nickel Chloride

    Hello to everybody! This is my first post here and I really need someone to help me. I am going to perform an experiment by injecting nickel chloride to chicken eggs. I'm gonna use physiological saline (0.9%) to dissolve the NiCl2. I will inject 0.1 ml of the solution NiCl2-saline to my eggs...
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    what definition of acid and base theory fits in potassium chloride + water reaction?

    We've been asked to identify the acid and base in KCl+H2O with appropriate acid-base definition and only the reactants are given. We've learnt the following theory in class, Arrhenius, Brønsted–Lowry,Solvent System, Lux-Flood, Lewis. I think the completed equation would be KCl+6H2O→K(H2 O)6]^+...
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    ferric chloride question

    Hello, I work with metal and etching and use ferric chloride. I have questions about what resists I can use safely with ferric chloride. I have been trying to google about what can and cannot be put into a ferric chloride acid to etch copper, brass and nickel. I’m not sure how to search this...
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    Solubility of Ammonium Chloride

    I was wondering if anyone could help me with an inquiry. I'm trying to find out the solubilty of Ammonium Chloride in different Alcohols and Solvents. I know that Am.Cl is very soluble in water at a rate of 294 g/L (0 °C) to 740.8 g/L (100 °C). Apparently soluble in Acetone, but I havnt been...
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    Calcium Chloride and Water

    For a Chemistry lab paper, I'm doing the exothermic reaction of Calcium Chloride and Water. I need five different variables, so I was going to change the amount of grams of Calcium Chloride I will add to the distilled water in order to get 5 different results. I need to do 25 trials. I was...
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    Barium Chloride and milk

    Can we use Barium Chloride to identify whether there is a phenomenon of adulterated in milk? And how? Thank you!
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    What is the mass of 3.2kilomol of chloride ions?

    What is the mass of 3.2kilomol of chloride ions? the cholride ions is getting me really confused
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    purification of sodium chloride, especially removal of nitrogen and phosphorus

    Hi everyone, I would like to purify NaCl, especially remove N and P compounds (most importantly inorganic, but also organic if possible). Background: I'm analysing inorganic and organic N and P in saline environmental samples using colorimetric flow injection analysis, and may need fairly...
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    Etching copper alloys with copper chloride

    My name is Ben Renard. I am a model railroad enthusiasts. One of the aspects of the hobby that I have dove into recently is photo etching printed circuit boards and thin parts from copper alloys. The basic process begins by coating the metal sheet or PC board with a etchresist film that when...
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    Synthesis of HexammineCobalt(iii) Chloride

    You are assigned the following amount of CoCl2. Volume of CoCl2 assigned and used4.84 mLConcentration of CoCl21.39 M To this is added... Mass of charcoal0.23 gVolume of 15.0 M ammonia5.3 mLMass of ammonium chloride1.38 g The ammonium chloride was dissolved. The mixture was cooled. To this was...
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    Sodium Chloride - Neutral or Ionic and Why?

    I know that sodium chloride solubilized in water is an electrolyte - meaning it conducts electricity when dissolved in water. I think this means that table salt is an ion, because it carries electrical charge. I get confused because I thought a definition of a salt was an ionic compound that...
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    Copper (II) Chloride + Aluminum [Lab Questions]

    We're studying Redox Reactions and we just completed a copper lab. I'm working on my lab report and I'm having a hard time so I was wondering if you guys could help me with a few questions. The equation for the Rxn is: 3CuCl<sub>2</sub>(aq) + 2Al(s) → 3Cu(s) + 2AlCl<sub>3</sub>(aq) The net...
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    chloride water

    hello, I am interested in knowing the two half cell reactions that occur while making chloride water, and the difference of potentials in this reaction. I know that the full reaction is ClO^-+ Cl^-+ 2H^+→Cl_2+H2O thanks