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    Chromatography, Change of efficency required to double the resolution?

    I've stumbled upon a problem which I think i've misunderstood. The question at hand is "How do you change the efficency(or number of "bottoms" as its called in swedish) to double the resolution?" Naturally, i thought it was just to expand the formula by multiplying by 2 on both sides of the...
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    Protein separation using prep chromatography

    Dear all, I´m currently working on a separation process for a protein. The protein is very basic with high pI-values (two forms of protein - short and full because of a specific cleavage site). For both, short and full sequence, the isoelectric point is above 10. I tried to separate with CEX...
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    Thin Layer Chromatography lab question?

    Hello everyone, I'm doing a home Thin Layer Chromatography lab involving two compounds Fluorenone-hydrazone and Fluorenone with the mobile phase a 1:1 mixture of ethyl acetate and n-hexane. I have completed the lab with the faster compound being fluorenone but the very last question is below, I...