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    CO2 solubility and temperature change and climate

    I am a cycles researcher. There are cycles in climate. There are correlations between atmospheric CO2 and temperature. The connection is not as many people make out. I am not a chemist although I did some chemistry study a very long time ago. I have been researching the relationship between...
  2. J

    Calculate ppm of CO2 in seawater from flow rate?

    This is likely a simple calculation but I'm not sure exactly how to do it. I'm injecting pure CO2 at at a rate of 35 ml/min into seawater which has a flow rate of 6000 ml/min and want to calculate a predicted dissolved CO2 in seawater in ppm. Anyone know how to do this off hand?
  3. T

    Co2 scrubber with sodium hydroxide and/or lithium hydroxide

    Ok, so me and a friend want to build our own co2 scrubber. After some reasearch, we narrowed down 2 substances- Sodium hydroxide and lithium hydroxide. We are wondering if anyone can help us, design and work out the chemistry needed to accomplish our task.
  4. O

    CO2 bags for gardeners ..what's inside

    Gardening centers are selling small bags which emit CO2 over a period of 3 months to enhance plant growth .. Any idea how they work ??
  5. S

    CO2 Production using Citric acid powder and Bicarbonate of soda.

    I have a legal indoor medical marijuana grow. I've been looking at those buckets of powder that produce CO2. I'm thinking to myself "There must be a way to make these yourself in bulk for less money." I Don't know for sure (I'm not a chemist) but I suspect these buckets ($60 Each) contain...
  6. J

    Using D2h character table to find Vibrational modes of CO2

    This is the worksheet I have to do...the only example we have done was one for H2O which was pretty simple. My confusion now is that we are using the irrep and character table for D2H which we have never done. The book is not very helpful as it uses different terminology than we used in class...
  7. L

    Do maths on solvents for CO2

    I want to do the maths to work out what approximate temperature and pressure is the balance point a alkaline and alkaline earth metals will become a solvent for CO2. Some metals will be hydrated as I'm thinking of a recirculating process. But I have no idea how to create the formula. I'm...
  8. F

    CO2 Foam Instability...

    Hi, my name is Kyle and I'm an undergraduate intern at Oregon National Primate Research Center. My department is currently working on a new non-surgical permanent contraceptive using polidocanol foam, a synthetic, long-chain, fatty alcohol widely used as a sclerosing agent to treat varicose...
  9. B

    Chemical Vapour Deposition of CO2 into Carbon Fibers

    Does anyone have any knowledge of this
  10. K

    Gallons of 100% octane to grams of CO2?

    If our country burns 1.2x10^8 gallons of 100% octane per year, how many grams of CO2 are produced per year? Please help and explain.
  11. N

    balancing equation and finding how many CO2 will formed

    balance the equation C6H10 + 02------> CO2 +H2O i got 2 C6H10 + 17 O2------> 12 CO2 + 10 H2O did i balance it correct? and i have to answer this question, not sure where to start, lf I do this reaction with 35 grams of C6H10 and 45 grams of oxygen, how many grams of carbon'dioxide will...
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    CO2 (green house gas from global warming)

    What are the atoms, how many valence electrons are in the substance, how many bonding electrons, how many nonbonding electrons and how many single, double or triple bonds in CO2?