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    Partition Coefficient (Urgent)

    Hello all, I am facing difficulties answering these questions. Any sort of help will be appreciated as my exams are really close! 1) Butanoic acid (pKa = 4.83) has a partition coefficient of 5.4 (favouring benzene) when distributed between water and benzene. Find the concentration of butanoic...
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    How do you find the coefficient. Please Help!!!

    When the following combination reaction is completed and balanced, what is the coefficient for lithium? Li(s) + N2(g) ---> I know it is 6 but how do you get 6.
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    kd Distribution Coefficient

    We performed a laboratory experiment we Extraction Benzoic Acid with DCM from water We were asked to calculate kd and compare Our results with literary value If someone can refer me to this value Thank you
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    Just need someone to double check this chemistry question, Partition Coefficient?

    Partition coefficient Kp equation Kp= Csolvent1(gL-1) / Csolvent2(gL-1) How do you answer this question: The solubility in water of compound A is 10g/100ml. The solubility in ether for compound A is 1g/100ml. What is the partition coefficient (Kp ether/water) for compound A? I got a Kp= 0.1...
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    Undergraduate Organic Chem question Partition Coefficient

    This is the first problem of many like this, I have tried to find out how to answer this on my own for the past 2 hours, if someone could help me solve this so I know how to do the rest I would greatly appreciate it. I know in a mixture of ether and water, water is the top layer because it is...
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    Diffusion Coefficient

    I know that <r^2> = some function of D. But what I don't know is if it is 2*D*deltat*#of dimensions which would be 4*D*deltat; or would it be 2*D*deltat. The lecture notes say the latter, but I've seen quite a bit of literature saying it is the former. Much appreciation if anyone can help me...