1. aze

    Question about the common ion effect

    A bit of theory to refresh your mind about the solubility product: Ks = the given solubility constant example: Ks = [Pb2+].[I-]^2 7,1*10^(-3) = [Pb2+].[I-]^2 -> The solubility of this compound is then: S= (Ks/4)^1/3 = 1,2 mol/L Now my question: What is the solubility of Ag2SO4 (Ks...
  2. F

    Common Ion Effect

    What mass of Mg(OH)2 will dissolve in 1.0 L of 0.050 mol/L solution of MgSo4(aq)? Here is my work I just want to know if my calculations are correct. Mg(OH)2 <--> Mg^2+ + 2(OH-) Ksp= [Mg^2+][OH-]^2 = 5.6X10^-12 ICE Molar Solubility | [Mg^2+] | [OH-]^2 Initial...