1. C

    High spin vs low spin assignment for Vanadyl (acac)2 complex

    I have a question on VO2+ complex. I know that vanadium in VO2+ has +4 oxidation state and it has an unpaired electron in the d-orbital. Based on the notes, they have mentioned that for d4 onwards to d7 has 2 possibilities of arrangement of electrons i.e. high spin and low spin. However, for...
  2. D

    Is this MO diagram correct? Copper 2+ (18-crown-6 ether) complex

    Hello all! Ive been a long time lurker of these forums, but finally registered to seek help for a problem im stuck on! Ive constructed the following MO diagram for a complex im trying to synthesize. Am I on the right track? The splitting and degeneracy of d...
  3. JayneDoe

    Analysis of a Nickel(II) Complex -Please for the love of God, someone please help me!

    A solid sample of a complex salt, with ideal composition Ni(NH3)6(NO3)2, was analyzed for nickel by dissolution in slightly acidic solution and precipitation as the dimethylglyoximate, Ni(DMG)2. 1. A sintered glass crucible of mass 12.7867 g was used to filter off the precipitate. The dried...
  4. N

    Complex compounds as biological catalyst

    Hello! I need help for my powerpoint presentation. I would be very grateful if someone could help me with this problem. I need few examples of compounds which are complex compounds and also biological catalysts. Thanks!
  5. F

    General Chemistry: Complex Ion Formation Question?

    So the problem states: Treating one mole of Ag2O(s) with 1M (NH4)2SO4 gives as main Ag-containing products: Answer: 1 mole [Ag(NH3)2]+(aq) and 0.5 moles Ag2(SO4)(s) My question is: how do I get to this conclusion? How can a solid precipitate form from sulfate and silver ion in water...
  6. H

    Coordination complex naming and isomerism

    I'm doing an past exam paper and I'm not sure if my answers are correct. Are there any more isomers that can exist? a) Name the following transition metal compounds: [Mn(NH3)5SCN] Br2 pentamminethiocyanomanganese(I) Bromide b) Name the type of isomerism that can exist for these compounds...
  7. L

    A question about a chromium complex

    Why would you not expect to prepare a complex with a monodentate oxalate ligand, such as [Cr(C2O4)6]-9 (-9) is the charge Thanks!