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    What does nominal composition mean?

    In my lab manual, it stated that " In this experiment, your sample is a Ni-Cu thermocouple wire of nominal composition of 45:55." Is this ratio a mole ratio or a weight ratio?
  2. C

    Percent Composition of a Mixture?

    Hello there i'm kinda stuck on a question studying for an exam, i was wondering if anyone would be able to help me. The question is as follows: "Consider a mix of 2 solids BaCl2.2H20 + KCl with a total mass of 1.783g . After heating for 1 hour at 160 degree C , to remove all water and...
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    finding composition in mol %, anyone?

    Copper can have improved wear resistance if alloyed with ceramic alumina, Al2O3. If a copper alloy has 8.5 wt.% Al2O3, What is its composition in mol %?
  4. R

    Stainless steel composition???

    What elements does stainless steel contain and how much percentage of each is present? Please help me answer this question. Thanks!