1. D

    saturation of an organic compound

    Hello ! I work for a chemical company and we have some disappointments with one of their products. It is an indoor deodorant that tends to ... Dissolve dyes from the packaging in which it is sold which creates an unsightly effect. We know that the discoloration is due to an aromatic compound...
  2. T

    Do sulfates in solution disable reduction of compound with SnCl2?

    I use SnCl2 (from brumer) as a reducing agent. However, i'm not sure if sulphates present are a problem and if they disable reduction of the ions that I want to reduce? Do sulphates react to SnCl2?
  3. A

    What's the best chemical compound to overcome and clean greasy dirt

    What's the best chemical compound and its optimum-effect proportion to overcome and clean greasy dirts or dirty greases? an how to create it step by step in correct procedure ?
  4. A

    Unsolvable H-NMR flavour mystery Compound

    Dear all, I have an unknown ester with the chemical formula C9H10O2 that is used as a flavoring agent in candies. It exhibits the following H-NMR and C-NMR (Attached file: Unknown Ester NMR) Based on the NMR spectrum I believe the unknown is benzyl acetate , as the C-NMR and the first two...
  5. P

    Please help identifying compound

    I stumbled across a formula which reads: 3Ca(Po3)2 + 10C The paper was written in mid 19xx, in the paper it is described how that is a way to "extract" Phosphorus. This is slightly confusing as there must be a misprint (the "o" should be capital O for Oxygen, if we assume that, does that make...
  6. I

    Can you help me with these problems?

    Hi everyone,I just wanted to ask if you can help me with some of the problems that I have for homework.Although they are simple to most people, to me and some of my classmates , they are not, primarily because of our teacher.Thank you in advance. 1.How many moles of Calcium chloride hexahydrate...
  7. S

    Different compound name with same molecular weight and molecular formula

    Hello all This is Shefin. I do research in Biotechnology. I presently focussed on the phytochemical details from plants. Here I came across the fact that most plants contains different compounds having the same molecular formula and molecular weight. Why is it so? and What is it called? what...
  8. T

    Compound X?

    How do you go about solving this problem? what steps should I take? Thank you very much for any help! 11. When 3.14 g of Compound X is completely combusted, 6.91 g of CO2 and 2.26 g of H2O form. The molecular formula of Compound X is a. C7H16 b. C6H12O c. C5H8O2 d. C4H4O3
  9. M

    What's the difference between coincidence phosphate and compound phosphate

    As the title, and their composition and using methods.
  10. K

    Molecular formula of compound

    Combustion of hydrocarbon X in excess oxygen produces 0.66g of carbon dioxide, and 0.27 g of water. At room tempertaure and pressure , X is a gas with density 1.75gdm^-3 . What could the molecular of X be? What is the ans ? i only managed to get the empirical formula is CH2 ...
  11. JasonHerbalExt

    What is the oxidation number of As in the compound K(NH4)2AsO4•6H2O?

    What is the oxidation number of As in the compound K(NH4)2AsO4•6H2O? (A) –3 (B) +1 (C) +3 (D) +5
  12. L

    No of C=C bond in carbonyl compound

    Compound X has the following composition by mass : carbon(64.3%) , 7.1% of hydrogen and oxygen (28.6%) . X reduces Fehling's solution to CuO . Copper( I) oxide .0.1 mol of X react with 4480cm3 of hydrogen gas in the presence of nickel catalyst. What 's the possible structural formula of X ...
  13. L

    Reaction of carbonyl compound with agno3

    since the compound X react with alcoholic agno3 , then why it shouldnt be aldenyde? the ans given is A . the ans A is a ketone am i right? please help me on this.. thanks in advance![email protected]/14925836585/ photo
  14. L

    Reaction of carbonyl compound with hot acidified kmno4

    when the following compound react with hot acidified kmno4, it will form 2 compound as in the link[email protected]/14925084655/ can someone explain why the HOOC-COOH will be oxidised to CO2 and H2O ?
  15. X

    Help on naming a compound!

    What is the name of the following compound, Sn(O2)2? I know what SnO2 is but I can't figure this one out.
  16. D

    finding a % of an element in the compound

    Hi guys, I have a problem here. Tried to find this for a few days now however been struggling... :confused: My task is: Calculate % of iodide in the tin compound of each of the three samples and hence determine the formula of the compound. The only information I have is mass of all three...
  17. M

    What is a chemical compound,when exposed to air becomes a durable solid?

    I am trying to start with a chemical compound that hardens quickly upon exposure to air. It is meant to be unlike that of industrial superglue but more of something like quick dry cement. I have problems determining the compound to make it harden fast and durable.
  18. M

    QUESTION: Calculating Mass of a Compound

    HI guys, Lets say we are asked to calculate the mass in grams of C6H12O6, the answer we get is 180g but when we are asked to calculate the mass of a MOLECULE of C6H12O6, we need to divide 180g by 6.02x10^23? Isn't the 1st question talking about one molecule of C6H12O6?
  19. T

    Charge of a compound

    I know this seems like a pretty easy question, but how do you find the overall charge of a compound? For example the overall charge of B(NO3)2?
  20. M

    Proton NMR interpretation

    Hi guys, I'm trying to work our the structure of two compounds as practice for an up coming test. The first has the molecular formula C5H9ClO2. The IR spectrum shows a strong absorption at 1725 cm-1. I've found the following signals: a. 3.3 ppm, singlet, integration of 3 b. 3.0 ppm...